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See Your Network



is a multi segment network analyzer and managing system.
It is a comprehensive administration tool kit which allows the user to access all information in multi segment networks, diagnose problematic situations accurately and provide immediate responses.


is an easy to use and cost effective solution for daily management of software and hardware assets.
It is a universal tool for controlling legality of software installed in a company. It ensures company security by eliminating software piracy. uplook eliminates software overspending and ensures license compliance.


enables IT managers to track almost all users' activities, including: logging, work time and breaks duration, detailed statistics of application usage and visited web site history.
statlook is a comprehensive system for IT asset management, covering all major IT resources, such as: user activity, license compliance, software/hardware inventory.

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Anasil is a comprehensive administrative tool kit, which enables you to analyse and manage distributed network infrastructure remotely from one place. Remote modules monitor selected subnetworks and transfer the results to the main panel without the necessity of constant connection load.

A factor which distinguishes Anasil from other applications that base their actions on agents is the fact that Anasil agents are not monolith programs encompassing all functionality. This enables flexible configuration of functionality according to an administrator's individual preferences, security policy or workstation performance.

Anasil and other tools which MMC console (Microsoft Management Console) is comprised of, form a specific indispensable kit for each administrator, and the configuration of this tool depends on an administrator’s individual preferences.

Anasil provides you with capability of capturing and decoding packages, which makes solving even the most difficult problems possible. Additionally, the built-in, programmable package decoder allows you to analyze frames not only of popular protocols, but also user-defined ones.

Anasil offers a wide range of network traffic statistics in a real time. When parameters in any network segment are exceeded or met, an administrator is informed.

Using a sophisticated algorithm Anasil discovers and identifies all network devices located in specified subnetworks. These devices are automatically grouped according to the assigned locations and network map is generated.

Anasil enables to remotely control all PCs over LAN/WAN network. Network supervisor is able to watch the screen and take a full control over certain stations: type, click, remotely down or restart the station.

Anasil is able to take inventory of hardware components of each computer in a network.

Anasil is of modular construction and consists of the three following modules which guarantee efficient network monitoring, detailed diagnosing of problematic situations and effective service activities:

If you want
to know:

  • what devices burden your network excessively

  • who uses the bandwidth
    and how

  • what devices are located within your network
    and where

  • and additionally you want to be informed about it automatically

Anasil is a tool
you have been looking for!






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