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How To Recover Promise RAID Arrays

Wednesday, November 25th, 2015

rgeoSure, the companies say you can recover promise RAID arrays but at what price does RAID recovery come in at? (The answer is here.) Some people still call their customer service hotline saying it is not as effective as the advertisements say because they still lose their files. This is actually not true and the way they recover the files is incorrect. The files will be recovered when they are properly backed up. There are actually so many customers complaining about the RAID service but there is nothing they can do because their files were not backed up properly and it is not RAID’s fault.

There is no other reliable brands in the market for hard drives but the best one you can get is RAID. They are reliable and fast unlike other brands in the market. RAID is one of the most classic configurations on the market but according to some users, they are not that perfect and reliable. They have some recovery systems for their hard drives but most of the times, the files get infected because the user fails to install anti-virus so it gets infected and corrupted despite the separated folder for back up. There are many reasons why the RAID fails to recover the files and most of the time, the customer neglects saving backup?which cause file loss.

What Does The Recover Promise RAID Promise?

According to what the commercial advertises, recover promise RAID promises to recover your lost but backed up files. However, according to the users, some RAID recovery services do more than they promise! Most reports or calls to customer service centers have said that they lost their backed up files after their hard drive has been infested with virus or when the whole file has been corrupted because of incompatibility. When it comes to recovering files, it seems like their maintenance system is not worth downloading. Many have complained about the poor service of other brands but none for RAID. (more…)

LAN Manager Was A Dog Straight Out Of The Box

Saturday, November 21st, 2015

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lanmOne of the most confusing issues concerning Windows NT has been the degree of networking that NT will include and the role of LAN Manager in future NT-based networks. Microsoft itself has obscured the facts on occasion, referring to the network services in Windows NT as peer-to-peer when, in reality, Windows NT will include the same kind of file-server software that has traditionally been provided in LAN Manager.

That server software will be limited to serving single-domain networks of DOS, Windows and OS/2 workstations. Networks can have any number of servers, and you can use the software on a peer-to-peer or a client/server basis. In other words, you can run the server and share your local hard disk, and run the client and access other servers, or you can simply dedicate a few …

Training IT Staff Is Key To Your Company’s Success

Tuesday, November 10th, 2015

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titsSoftware development, maintenance, operations and support is tough. One of the most important ways you can increase your organization’s chance of success at the software game is to have competent staff with a robust skill set.

Classroom training, via traditional colleges and universities or through professional training schools, is often an effective way for people to learn new skills, but it isn’t the only way. Since no single approach to training and education is perfect for everyone, you want to foster an environment which is flexible enough to meet the needs of individual students.

Mentoring, learning teams, bag-lunch training, self-paced training and computer-based training (CBT) can all be used to supplement your organization’s training efforts.

Many organizations make the mistake of sending someone to a training course with the expectation they will internalize …

Nodevision Offered So Much Hope, So Little Delivery

Tuesday, November 10th, 2015

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nvosmNetwork managers who want to pinpoint changes in network workstation configurations may find a potential solution in Fresh Technology Co.’s new Windows-based node-administration program, NodeVision 1.10, provided Fresh can make some needed improvements to the package.

NodeVision 1.10 is an admirable effort to provide network managers with a tool that spans a variety of network operating systems and equipment. But in our tests the package suffered from compatibility flaws when we configured it with some network operating systems.

NodeVision supports Novell Inc.’s NetWare, Banyan Systems Inc.’s VINES and Microsoft Corp.’s LAN Manager, along with TCP/IP hosts. It also works with a variety of other network-management systems, such as Novell’s NetWare Management Services, as well as some concentrators and uninterruptible power systems.

We used NodeVision’s extensive data collection tools to gather data on …

ERWin Was A Fantastic Early MySQL Tool

Monday, November 2nd, 2015

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erwinwafeLogicWorks Inc.’s ERwin/SQL is a Windows-based tool that lets database designers graphically create and maintain database structures. Database designs can be easily manipulated and are presented in a clear, flexible manner. However, ERwin/SQL’s complete absence of help and referential documentation made the product more difficult to learn and use than it should have been.

Rather than trying to be all database products to all users, LogicWorks’ ERwin/SQL 2.0 focuses on the all-important design of the database.

A heavy price can be paid for incorrectly designing a database — even if applications and data are correct, performance can be compromised. ERwin/SQL 2.0, which was released two weeks ago for $1,495, makes the process much smoother by allowing users to concentrate on the design of the database rather than on the Structured Query Language (SQL)

Server Or Workstation – Pick Your LAN Backup Antidote

Wednesday, October 28th, 2015

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svrorwsDespite claims by various backup-system vendors about which approach to network backup is better — workstation- or server-based — tests of both implementations show that the server-based solution has some glaring disadvantages. However, because there’s only one top-notch workstation-based implementation currently available, network administrators are in a catch-22 when it comes to making a good buying decision.

Server-based vs. workstation-based network backup: The holy war over which method is better has gone on for quite some time. After a year of testing virtually all of the available contenders in each of these categories, we are better able to put the advantages and disadvantages of these two methods in perspective.

Now, with Palindrome Corp.’s introduction of its NetWare Loadable Module (NLM), there is at least one vendor with a foot on both …