The Stellar Benefits of SOS Backup?

SOS-BackupIf you use a computer on a regular basis you probably need to start thinking about how you are going to back up your data so that you can protect it. If you use a computer constantly you have probably already been thinking about this issue. Either way, we are here to tell you the benefits of using the SOS Backup? system.

SOS Backup? is one of the best online backup systems you can find. It?s cloud-based and it allows you to have an unlimited amount of storage. Did you read that? I wrote unlimited! And it?s true! Many other programs boast that they will provide their users with unlimited storage but there is usually a catch or additional fee attached to that. The only catch for SOS Backup? is that the unlimited amount applies to a single computer. The positive on that spin though is that SOS Backup? allows you to back up unlimited numbers of smartphones and tablets. In this day and age when people are favouring tablets and smartphones over laptops and desktops this is actually a pretty smart move.

So have I caught your attention now? Great! Let?s keep going!

Some other benefits of SOS Backup? are the security and the types of files it will allow you to back up. Let?s focus on the security first because that can usually make or break a deal.

With your digital files you want to make sure they are safe and that means that no one else can take them. Many people have a fear of hacking or that by saving things in ?The Cloud? it means the entire world has access to it. That?s definitely not the case with SOS Backup?.

The files that are stored in the SOS data centres are secured with military-grade encryption during transit and while being stored. This means that while you are uploading your files to the data centre your files are being encrypted right away and not with something flimsy. It may be hard to put it into perspective but think about a building surrounded by a moat which is surrounded by a wall with barbed wire on top and the entire system is covered by a bullet-proof dome. And there are barracudas in the water. Okay, that might be me getting a little carried away but hopefully you see the point when I say that your stuff is protected. Another awesome benefit of SOS Backup? is that a second copy of your files is stored in a separate geographical location from the first.

Another really great benefit of SOS Backup? is the mobile app that is available for Android and iOS devices. It?s not available for Windows Phone at this time, but hopefully that is something they will work on. With the app you are able to perform a mobile sync, which is going to give you remote access to the most recent versions of updated files. This is really useful if you?ve updated something in the office and want to review it on your phone on the way to a meeting, for example. The one benefit that I think is really great with SOS Backup? is the information on your smartphone that you are able to backup. A lot of apps or programs will only allow you to back up your photos or videos. With SOS Backup? you can back up those two things, as well as your contacts lists and text messages. That?s something really great for those of us who maybe change phones a lot or who want to make sure we have those messages from six months ago because maybe they hold really important meeting information. Read more details here.

In conclusion, SOS Backup? is a great cloud backup system that comes with many benefits and features. If you own a business there is an option for you too so you aren?t restricted with the single computer side.


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